True law of attraction story: “There are flowers in my hair”

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Contributor: Jeannette Maw of Good Vibe Blog. Says Mollie: If you aren’t already a subscriber, become one!

The Manifesting ExperimentWhat’s your best process for manifesting what you want?

We talked different ways to leverage law of attraction over here last month.

Have you experimented with different approaches to discover your favorite LOA routine?

Maybe it’s to …

  • Write it down. (Once or make a daily list?)
  • Speak it out loud. (One time or repeated affirmations?)
  • Think a little thought and let it go – or make it your single-minded focus?
  • Keep it to yourself – or declare it to others?
  • Use deadlines or keep it open?
  • Get specific with details or to let Universe fill those in?
  • Include manifesting aids like crystals, vision boards, mind movies, etc. or keep it simple?

There isn’t one right answer for all of us, all the time.

What works brilliantly for your friend may leave…

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True law of attraction story: “Steve Miller ticket synchronicity”

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Contributor: Kathleen of Kathleen’s blog’s motto is: “Change your luck, change your life!”

Here’s a little story about Shayne and I …

One hot Monday afternoon in August 2005, my friend Shayne ran into an old school friend who mentioned that the Steve Miller Band was playing that Thursday about three hours away, and both of us being Steve Miller fans, wanted to go. So I called the venue and yes, they still had tickets and the show started at 8pm.

I run my own business which is open until 6pm so I had a slight problem.  The concert was three hours away which meant I had to be on the road no later than 5pm.  I don’t have any employees but every now and then my daughter will hold down the fort while I take off, but no luck there as she had to work her regular…

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True law of attraction story: “I started living on purpose”

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Contributor: Dr. Dave Smiley, clinical psychologist and creator of the film “The Inner Weigh

Let me tell you a little bit about myself … Seven years ago, I found myself at a crossroads. The previous year, I had gone through a bankruptcy and divorce. At the time, I was a clinical psychologist working in a prison. I was also taking antidepressants … and weighed almost 300 lbs.

I was miserable.

One day, I saw a film about the law of attraction. From it I learned that we create our lives with our thoughts and beliefs; we attract to ourselves those things that we think about most of the time, whether they are things that we want or things that we don’t want.

When I watched that film, I had an epiphany. Suddenly, I understood that I had created this miserable life. I began to wonder what my life would be like…

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True law of attraction story: How to erase debt with the law of attraction

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Contributor: Jeannette Maw of Good Vibe Blog.

Is it possible to magically manifest zero balances on big bills? Can you use law of attraction to erase or eliminate existing debt?


Here are three stories of how it’s been done, with specifics on processes used so you can replicate the process.

Case Study #1
$1,000 Legal Bill Erased

Earlier this year I got an attorney’s bill for nearly a thousand dollars that I wasn’t expecting. I thought my account was paid in full, but this invoice showed time documented that I hadn’t paid for yet. Sigh.

It irked me that I would be out of pocket on another chunk of change that I already didn’t appreciate spending.

Frankly, I didn’t want to pay it. I thought about the consequences of that … collections, credit downgrade, creditor calls … ugh.

I let myself be mad about it for a minute (more…

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True law of attraction story: “I manifested Superbowl tickets!”

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Contributor: Law of attraction and life coach Cassie Parks.

Hello all. This is a true story and I’m writ­ing it with the per­mis­sion of the other per­son involved. It’s a won­der­ful illus­tra­tion of using the law of attrac­tion, where we can get caught up as delib­er­ate cre­ators and how even when we do we can get right back on track. I’ve included man­i­fest­ing tips and high­lights in () so you can iden­tify where what you’re doing right and if some­thing is trip­ping you up how to course correct.

My friend is an avid Den­ver Bron­cos fan. I think she prob­a­bly really bleeds orange and blue. About a month ago she was intend­ing to be at the Superbowl if the Bron­cos were in it. It’s a no brainer. Her favorite team play­ing in the biggest game in her favorite city (NYC). Of course she was going.

Fast for­ward to the…

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True law of attraction story: “I am creating a life with music”

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John Hansen, Rooftop
Contributor: Musician John Hansen. You can find his music here: His website here:  And his blog here:  Don’t you just love people that live to make the rest of us smile?

I have an a dream, that despite all pragmatic and empirical realities no one can tell me that I cannot have one day. Within me is belief and also self-doubt, yet the calling is undeniable. What has helped me so far as the most helpful coping mechanism imaginable, and what I believe is the key to achieving this ultimate goal, is understanding and practicing the law of attraction.

I grew up in a normal suburban town outside Boston, certainly a town in a bubble.  There was a Stetson piano in the basement which I recall, at a very young age of 4 or 5, banging on and belting out gibberish. A warm ethereal feeling overcame me, starting in my chest and…

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True law of attraction story: “My daughter’s asthma was healed”

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How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body

Contributor: How Your Mind Can Heal Your Bodyby David Hamilton, pages 178-9.

In How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body, scientist and law of attraction practitioner David Hamilton shares the story of Pauline who, during one of Hamilton’s workshops, sent healing energy to her daughter.

Her name was Cloe, and just the day before she had been diagnosed with asthma. Along with the diagnosis she was prescribed antibiotics, steroids, and an inhaler.

What’s worse: she was just four years old.

“When I was doing the healing, I actually felt it being sent to Chloe and became excited,” Pauline writes. She says that she could practically see and feel her daughter’s DNA change color and shape.

The following day, Pauline awoke to Chloe’s usual kiss. Then something not quite so usual occurred: Chloe announced that she’d been healed.

Her breathing had cleared up and so had her cough…

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True law of attraction story: “My nail fungus cleared up completely”

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Contributor: Tatiana Ribber of Brisbane, Australia at

At The Secret’s official website, Tatiana writes the following:

“I had this really bad nail fungal infection that for more than five years I struggled to clear without success. I went to several doctors, tried creams and oils, took some very strong pills and even removed the nail twice. A box of the tablets to kill the fungus used to cost me about $100 and would last me only forty-five days. I took it for three years with little or no results until my doctor told me to stop because it was starting to cause liver damage.

“Then a couple of years ago I came across The Secret. After watching the movie I decided to try it out on my sick nail. For the next three weeks I would visualize a healthy, pink toenail and be grateful for that. I…

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True law of attraction story: “I trained a wild rabbit!”

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This photo is courtesy basgroove of

This photo is courtesy basgroove of

Contributor: Greg Kuhn, author of How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs. The following is excerpted from this highly recommended, super practical law of attraction book. (Note from Mollie: I read it just recently and am currently putting its step-by-step method to the test. More on that later!)

“One early June Sunday afternoon, taking a lunch break from fixing some holes in the roof, I sat down on my back porch. Relaxing and eating a sandwich, I enjoyed my view of some woods that backed up pretty close to the house. Halfway through my roast beef, I noticed a cute little bunny peering from the shrubs about twelve feet away … I had a compelling thought that I’d like to pet the cute guy …

“Since I had the whole summer at my disposal, I decided to try an experiment. Could I coax this…

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True law of attraction story: “I manifested an orange feather”

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Contributor: D/C Russ of

Main Objective:

To put the Law of Attraction to the test by attempting to manifest a black and orange feather within 30 days.

Sub Goals:

Bolster my faith in the universe.
Give others some evidence of The Law of Attraction.
Obtain a data point about how to manifest.


10 days (01/01/14-01/10/14)


I was reading a book about a guy who repeated an experiment that he read in another book. I can’t remember the name of either book. But the idea was to manifest a blue feather into existence.

I recall the author mentioning that he’d never even seen a blue feather before. And manifesting one would be a true testament to the power of The Law of Attraction.

The man set the intention for the feather to manifest within a given time frame (one month). He firmly set the intention and…

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