True law of attraction story: “I’m a better dancer–and a more accepting person”

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Contributor: Dustin Spero of San Francisco, as shared on

For those of you that don’t know, The Secret’s official website plays host to gobs and gobs of awesome true law of attraction stories.

One that I read recently comes from a man who, after reading The Secret, gained the courage he needed to audition for his dream job: professional ballet dancer. Though Spero doesn’t get into a whole lot of specifics on how he did end up achieving this dream, I enjoyed reading that he found a new inner peace regarding the faith of others.

Here’s a brief excerpt for you about what he has achieved since becoming aware of the law of attraction at work:

“My dancing has improved a hundred times over infinity! My love life has been perfect. I have a clear focus on what I want. I’ve even found more acceptance for others…

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True law of attraction story: “We made millions”

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So. I hear ya. You think the law of attraction and positive thinking only work for people who already have the success thing at least partially figured out. Well, might be a good idea to read a story about a secretary and a multi-level marketing salesperson (Amway, I think it was) who are now worth lots of millions of dollars.

That couple: Jerry and Esther Hicks–and they made the money even before Esther began receiving the messages from beyond that have since made them both so well-known.

In the book Money and the Law of Attraction, Jerry tells of a day several decades back when he happened upon a book by Napolean Hill called Think and Grow Rich.

At first he wasn’t all that interested in learning more or applying the concepts. However, a short time later he met “a man in a motel in Minnesota who offered…

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True law of attraction story: “I got a MacBook Pro”

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Contributor: Ali

After work my partner called and said he had some news for me. I told him it sounded ominous by the tone in his voice. He quickly replied “No, no! It’s good news–very good news–and it will make you very happy.”

I told him I was already feeling very happy and that I was grateful to hear more news that would make me even happier. He said I would have to wait for him to come home and explain it all.

I love the quote featured in the above picture by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen.”

I have always wanted a MacBook Pro and envisioned myself using it as a self-employed writer. However, despite trying several methods, one had never materialised. A few days ago it had crossed my mind to wonder why I hadn’t yet manifested a…

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How I got rid of most of my depression in just twenty short years

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Sometimes, you just gotta change your mind. That’s part of what life is for, after all.


And so, this month I did just that. I retitled my first full-length book, Sometimes Very: How I Overcame Depression Without Experts or Medicine, to the much more appropriate title of Sometimes Very: How I Got Rid of Most of My Depression In Just Twenty Short Years.

Its not only more accurate regarding the theme of the book–its a bit cuter as well.

Get the re-release on

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True law of attraction story: “My days are smooth and calm”

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Contributor: Alexander of, who shares his unique perspective on the law of attraction. (Personally, I don’t agree with all of the statements he makes here; however, who says I have to?) ~Mollie

Last week I carried out an experiment.

Every day while commuting by metro to work, I self-tuned myself by saying repeatedly: “Today I am going to have a great day. I have enough time for all my tasks. Work comes and goes. The day is calm and smooth.”

Each day of that week went indeed calm and smooth, and I had time to accomplish all my tasks without any rush or stress.

Then, on another day I did not repeat that positive confirmation. And the day turned out to be hectic, stressful and energy-consuming.

Does this mean positive affirmations are crucial for a balanced and harmonious life?

I don’t think so.

Or, to be more…

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True law of attraction story: “I lost 12 kilos in 3 months”

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Contributor: M.M. of, from Athens, Greece.

On The Secret’s official website people regularly post their true law of attraction stories. I don’t think any of them get edited, though, so some of them are (in my humble opinion, of course) a bit more enjoyable to read than others.

One of them I did like comes from M.M. of Athens, who writes about how studying the law of attraction and becoming aware of how it works enabled her to overcome emotional eating (she lost 12 kilos in three months!)–plus find the inner peace and confidence she always sought.

It begins: “During 2011 and 2012 my life sucked. I was studying something I didn’t love while being pressured by my parents and family to keep studying it, I gained lots of weight and I had no idea what I wanted to do in my life. I felt lost, depressed and…

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True law of attraction: “I don’t feel like a failure anymore (and I have a washer & dryer again!)”

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Contributor: Robin Linke, who shares daily guidance from the angels on

Sometimes we have no clue as to how certain life experiences have affected us and when we do find out, it can be a total surprise.  I was caught by surprise tonight when I was doing laundry…hence the title of this note.  So, the question is how much of a back story do you require in order for this to make sense?

Look, the bottom line is this….although my family didn’t have a bunch of money when my parents got married…I never wanted for anything.  I’ve always been a spoiled little princess (daddy’s girl).  To the point where my parents bought me a brand new car when I turned 17 and my mom was still sharing a car with my grandparents.  Okay, that’s enough for you to get the picture…I was (and still am) really good at getting…

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The Rubber Ducky Keeps Following Me Around

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Here’s an interesting law of attraction story on another blog about attracting, of al things, rubber duckies!

Originally posted on Life in the City with a Future:

Image1gazeboI’m a week into REALLY focusing on the Law of Attraction. I’ve watched a video on it, read books, meditated to clear my mind, done exercises to hone my manifesting abilities. Without realizing it I attracted the rubber ducky into my life. I was focused on a meeting I have coming up with a new group called Fulton FYI. A group of citizens from my town looking to uplift the community. I  wondered if we should have some rules in place? Should we make sure whatever event or business or venture we support — that it isn’t just good for the short-term but for future generations as well?

stretchingduckThis led me to rewatch the TED talk — “Cradle to Cradle” by William McDonough. The first few minutes of his talk, he speaks of how the rubber duck is labeled as potentially hazardous to your health by the State of California…

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Reminder: Today’s the last day to get Happiness for free

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cover - happiness is the truth

Hello dear readers,

Here’s your friendly reminder post that today is the last day you can download one of my ebooks, Happiness Is the Truth: A Spiritual Manifesto, for free.

Happiness Is the Truth is a chatty, gutsy, genuine take on spirituality-without-category that we sometimes like to call New Thought, New Age or Metaphysical Belief.

Here’s the back cover copy:

“Suffice it to say that I believe in love, and I believe in eternity, and I believe in spirits and in the big mystery that is what we call God. And I believe that in the end, it is not prayer that makes us holy, or good deeds, or believing a particular thing. I believe that the purpose of life and the way to be holy is this:

“You do what makes you happy.”

Happiness is the Truth: A Spiritual Manifesto is a passionate plea for a new kind…

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True law of attraction story: “I found my thumb drive”

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law of attraction thumb drive

Contributor: Pankaj, of

The law of attraction can be used to find lost things as well. I can substantiate my claim with a personal anecdote.

I have a pen drive of a violet colour. I occasionally use it to make printouts. The last time I came back home with my printouts I put it somewhere in my room, inadvertently.

My brother, who had come home that day, the day of an auspicious festival, needed the pen drive for some work. He asked me whether I had it.  I nodded yes but when I started searching for it I could not find it. So, I decided to use the law of attraction to find it.

I imagined myself holding the pen drive in my hand and feeling good about it. Not to mention, I did it in a meditative state. I visualized plugging it in a USB port and…

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