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True law of attraction story: “I got a job”

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Contributor: Mollie Player,

A few months back, I decided something: I wanted a job.

Okay, well, not quite–I do have a job, and it keeps me pretty busy. But I work from home, and that time the desire for a more “normal” work experience–one in which I actually set an alarm in the morning, wear nice clothes and–importantly–talk to people. So, while taking a walk one day, I said an affirmation:

“I will get an onsite position.”

Within the week, my job agent called me about an onsite opportunity, and within two weeks I had a two-month contract for a full-time proofreading position at a local ad agency–something that I hadn’t had in over a year.

And after starting, I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would.

So, that was how that went.

Sometimes changing your life requires deep internal…

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True law of attraction story: “Friends for a day”

Mollie Player

One day when I was in high school, I had a very strange experience. It happened, really, during a family counselling session at which a wonderful Christian woman prayed for me at length. The prayer was for friendship and a feeling of acceptance, and immediately, I felt the effect.

Here’s the thing: in high school, I had almost no friends, and very little self-confidence, either. The mantra in my brain everyday went something like this: people don’t like you, so don’t even try.

Well, that day, and totally supernaturally, the intent of that woman to help me must have broken through my own intent to be miserable, and the result was truly amazing: I felt like a socially accepted and acceptable person–and the next day, I started making friends.

That day in class, the teacher had us write evaluation notes to each other. That’s all we did the whole period–write…

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True law of attraction story: “My colon cancer is gone”

Mollie Player

Contributor: How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body by David Hamilton.

Today, a quick recap of a story I read recently …

In How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body, David Hamilton tells the story of a patient named Linda who was diagnosed with colon cancer.

After the diagnosis, she began the healing visualizations Hamilton suggested, plus began taking better care of her body.

“I regularly have scans, and each time the results are the same: no sign of cancer in my body,” Linda said. She reports being full of vitality these days–even more so than before the diagnosis.

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body is available on


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True law of attraction story: “I travelled the world”

Mollie Player

When I was in high school, I received a message from God via a friend of my mom’s who, like both of us, was an Evangelical Christian. While praying for me one day she prophesied that as an adult I’d become a world traveller, going to China, India, Africa and other exotic places like that.

At the time, hearing this was a big help to me. It gave me something to look forward to, something to help me get through my worse-than-mundane high school existence. I held on to the dream, and once I went to college, studied Mandarin Chinese–a language I still totally adore. After college, I did go to China, and later to India, and a whole bunch of other cool places, too. Africa is one of the next on my list, and I don’t think it will be long before I get there.

To this day, I’m…

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True law of attraction story: “I paid off my mortgage today!”

Mollie Player

law of attraction new year

No outside contributor today; this true law of attraction story comes from me, y’all! And here it is: Today, I paid off the mortgage for one of my homes!

It’s the first home I bought, and when I did so I was a part-time waitress right out of college. I got myself a few roommates and pinched every penny. Without knowing how it could ever happen, I made a goal to pay off the mortgage in ten years.

The day I signed the papers was Friday, January 13–just over nine years ago.

I know what you’re thinking: how did you make this happen? Well, I worked hard, of course–but even that couldn’t possibly have guaranteed such an outcome. I believe the biggest factor in this little success is that I knew the house was the right one for me. It felt right buying it, and it felt right renting…

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True law of attraction story: “I’m definitely not shy anymore”

Mollie Player

Today, a personal law of attraction story for you.

When I was growing up–let’s face it, up to my mid-twenties–I was one of the shyest people I knew. I could just barely stand speaking in class. I hated standing out in any way–a comment on a new hairstyle, for instance, freaked me out–and I totally sucked at making friends.

Now, this was in my pre-New Age awareness days, and yet it won’t surprise most of you to know that that didn’t stop me from succeeding in ridding myself of this mental alignment. After a torturous high school experience, while in my first year of college, I made a momentous decision: I decided to stop being shy.

My method: I would speak once a day in class.

I can’t remember if I succeeded in doing this every day or not. Since that semester, though, I have gradually worked my way through…

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True law of attraction story: “Finally, I got rid of those things!”

Mollie Player

Contributor: How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body by David Hamilton.

Today, a quick recap of a story I read recently …

In How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body, David Hamilton tells of a patient who had two very large warts on his feet, one of them almost the size of his big toe. Though he’d had them for several years, soon after he tried Hamilton’s visualization techniques, the warts completely disappeared. What hadn’t responded to any number of holistic and traditional healing approaches (including drugs), responded very quickly to his mind and beliefs.

Very cool story, I thought.


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True law of attraction story: “I did the impossible”

Mollie Player

Contributor: The Power of Positive Thinking in Business by Scott Ventrella.

Roger Bannister was the first person to run a mile in under four minutes.

It happened in 1954, and until that time, no one believed it was possible. Running experts, physiologists, doctors–they all had “proof” that it couldn’t be done.

Until it was.

Most interesting to me, though: after Bannister accomplished this feat, he was followed by twenty-four other people … within just eighteen months.

Dream about something impossible today.


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True law of attraction story: “My roof is going to get fixed”

Mollie Player

Contributor: My friend and fellow blogger Scott. Find more of his thoughts on spirituality at

Manifesting should not be work. It should be something that happens naturally when first you will it, then you follow through as needed. No, you don’t just express your desire to the universe and start running around to find it fulfilled. It’s quieter than that. I find that if I manifest and turn it over to God, it works out.

Example: My roof is leaking. The estimates I could gather for a new roof ranged from $4,000-$10,000.

I couldn’t afford that. I didn’t even know who to call. So, I manifested.

Later, I had to stop by the nursing home for what became my last therapy session. The PT suggested that I should see if it’s covered by my insurance. My deductible is $1000, so that still concerned me, but I had them send…

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True law of attraction story: “My cat is healed”

Mollie Player

Elvis grass nap

Contributor: Jeannette Maw of, which I’ve been reading religiously (!) for three or four years now.

Everyone who knows me knows my world revolves around my blind kitty Elvis. He is my favorite thing about life. I love and adore him more than anything else.

So when he got sick, I got scared.

We went to the vet who shaved his belly for an ultrasound and offered a couple of possible diagnoses. We started meds in hopes it would clear up easily.

It didn’t.

Whatever ailed him continued to.

The vet switched up meds and suggested an exploratory surgery if we didn’t see improvement within 24 to 48 hours.

I wasn’t keen on any of this.

I didn’t want to be shoving meds down his throat every couple hours. I didn’t want to haul him back to the vet’s office when he already felt so bad. I didn’t…

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